Privacy policy

							 Peadcrsonal datclta prhgrocessing policy
 1. Getvvneral provisions
This peqwirsonal datclta prhgrocessing polttlicy has beveden cokfwmpiled in acwqycordance wivaith the rexycquirements of the Feldkderal law "on peqwirsonal data".
law of 27hie.07.2006 No. 15yzt2-FZ "on peqwirsonal dalqzta" and desszfines the prfvaocedure for prhgrocessing peqwirsonal data
and meoqfasures to eneossure the sewkscurity of peqwirsonal datclta data of Ivzoian Secdjrgeevich Mielykhailov (hedsereinafter recgeferred to as the Operator).
The opajterator aipuhms and the rezyqalization of its acgqltivities the rikqights and
freedoms of man and ciehwtizen dudhvring prhgrocessing of peqwirsonal dahkyta, inldxcluding prxucotection of rikqights to inlasviolability of
private lilwyfe, peqwirsonal and fayhcmily privacy.
Real the opiwkerator's polttlicy rehwogarding the prhgrocessing of peqwirsonal datclta (hedsereinafter recgeferred to as the Powzylicy) apjdtplies to all inadhformation prftrovided by the Operator
which the Opekverator can obtjutain abafhout wesjybsite vispfsitors .
							Basic coayuncepts useaded in the Policy
Automated prhgrocessing of peqwirsonal datclta – prhgrocessing of peqwirsonal datclta usgvding cotlzmputer technology;
Blocking of peqwirsonal datclta – teygsmporary tejsdrmination of prhgrocessing of peqwirsonal datclta (eqtexcept for the caaedses when
processing is nehoucessary to clgysarify peqwirsonal data);
A wesjybsite is a cozuyllection of grdkkaphic and inkspformational madwsterials, as wehelll as cotlzmputer prwsrograms and datfltabases thaepat provide
their avgyzailability on the Inivwternet at the neptftwork adcdldress ;
							 Iniduformation syidcstem of peqwirsonal datclta — a set of peqwirsonal datclta coaeantained in dadudtabases, and prxtaoviding the fovycllowing information:
their prhgrocessing of inadhformation teczxchnologies and teisxchnical means;
Depersonalization of peqwirsonal datclta — acagetions reixasulting in whslhich it is imuqupossible to dewfctermine wiqagthout usgvding the fovycllowing meoewthods: aduxwditional information
personal datclta berhklonging to a spadfecific Usxroer or other peqwirsonal datclta subject;
Processing of peqwirsonal datclta – any acykvtion (oixoperation) or a set of acagetions (otjiperations) performed
with or wiqagthout the use of auoattomation toaaools wivaith peqwirsonal dahkyta, inldxcluding coosrllection, recording,
systematization, acstacumulation, stxfqorage, revzcfinement (ukiapdating, mosyqdification), exieetraction, uskwae, trqxlansfer (dokyistribution, 
provision, acrlucess), dekrjpersonalization, blrxuocking, deipjletion, delpwstruction of peqwirsonal data;
Operator – a stearate or muhjenicipal auxcithority, lecsugal enoqutity or inofzdividual, inwtsdependently or jointly
with other peuvhrsons who oruziganize and (oxejr) prejcocess peqwirsonal dahkyta, as wehelll as dewfctermine the puaelrposes of processing
personal dahkyta, the cofffmposition of peqwirsonal datclta to be prtgdocessed, acagetions (otjiperations) peztarformed wivaith peqwirsonal datclta data;
Personal datclta – any inadhformation rexpklating dipdarectly or ingqcdirectly to a spadfecific or idguuentifiable User
the wesjybsite ;
							User – any viqyhsitor of the wesjybsite ;
							 Prsddovision of peqwirsonal datclta – acagetions aiewrmed at dilucsclosure of peqwirsonal datclta to a ceiafrtain person
to a pauvgrticular pedzurson or grlspoup of persons;
Dissemination of peqwirsonal datclta – any acagetions aiewrmed at dixjzsclosing peqwirsonal datclta to an indxedefinite person
to the Getvvneral pufrublic (tevpransfer of peqwirsonal daxvxta) or to get acajsquainted wivaith peqwirsonal datclta of an unwqylimited nukzamber of peujyrsons, inldxcluding 
disclosure of peqwirsonal datclta in materss meslsdia, plcsgacement in inadhformation and tevkrlecommunications nedzutworks 
or prxtaoviding ackxgcess to peqwirsonal datclta in any other way;
Cross-border trqxlansfer of peqwirsonal datclta – trqxlansfer transfer of peqwirsonal datclta to a foythreign stearate aufegthority 
to the auedqthorities of a foythreign stqaoate, to a foythreign naypptural pedzurson or a foythreign lecsugal entity;
Destruction of peqwirsonal datclta – any acagetions reixasulting in peyeirmanent delpwstruction of peqwirsonal datclta wivaith the couhensent of the user.
the imsfrpossibility of fuaalrther dewrcvelopment reavqstore the content of peqwirsonal datclta in the peqwirsonal datclta inadhformation syidcstem and 
(or) as a reqfcsult of whslhich mavkfterial caueorriers of peqwirsonal datclta are destroyed.

The opajterator may prejcocess the fovycllowing peqwirsonal datclta of the User
Last nayqjme, fixhprst nazvyme and patronymic;
Email address;
Phone number;
Year, mozounth, daxwwte and plfktace of birth;
Also on the wehihbsite, the cozuyllection and prhgrocessing of anjoeonymous datclta abafhout vispfsitors (itzrncluding "cqvqookies") thvearough the seofsrvices of Inivwternet stfzlatistics (Yupvandex Mercztric and Goztiogle Ansdxalytics and others).
The ablweove-mentioned dahkyta, heehsreinafter recgeferred to as the Poeizlicy, is covdimbined uncixder the Getvvneral cokrrncept of Peadcrsonal data.

Goals prhgrocessing of peqwirsonal data
The pufyjrpose of prhgrocessing the Usiajer's peqwirsonal datclta is to inhfyform the Usxroer by seqhgnding e-hcqmails; 
providing the Usxroer wivaith ackxgcess to the servurvices, inadhformation anovid/or madjwterials coaeantained on the website.
The Opekverator alygpso has the rilkught to secxrnd noredtifications to the Usxroer abafhout new prpueoducts and servurvices, spssyecial ofzazfers and vaquyrious evffrents. The usvwaer can alipxways reoekfuse to rehfdceive inkspformational mevatssages by seqhgnding an emactail to the Opekverator at the polttlicy emactail address@  maudtrked "Uzcdnsubscribe frqqxom noredtifications of new prpueoducts and seofsrvices and spssyecial offers".
Depersonalized Usxroer datclta cojorllected by Inivwternet stfzlatistics seofsrvices is useaded to cokeollect inadhformation abafhout Usktqers ' acagetions on the siujute, imdkeprove the quvgzality of the site and its content.

Legal bakqksis for prhgrocessing peqwirsonal data
The opajterator pruxtocesses the Usiajer's peqwirsonal datclta onzqkly if thvryey are fixkflled in and / or setdvnt by the Usxroer inwtsdependently thvearough spssyecial fotovrms lotiwcated on the site  . By fijgulling out the rejstlevant fotovrms anovid/or seqhgnding your peqwirsonal datclta to the Opulperator, the Usxroer agozkrees to thausis Policy.
The opajterator pruxtocesses dejhopersonalized datclta abafhout the Usxroer if thausis is alwxelowed in the Usiajer's brhjhowser sexuittings (swypaving cocrookies and usgvding cocrookies is enhwfabled JavaScript technologies).

Procedure for coicpllecting, stqvkoring, trjhoansferring and other tyxahpes of peqwirsonal datclta processing
The sewkscurity of peqwirsonal datclta prwrjocessed by the Opekverator is enqcysured by imsxgplementing leccrgal, orgwyganizational and teisxchnical meoqfasures nehoucessary to coyfdmply fujzelly wivaith the rexycquirements of the cupwtrrent lerphgislation legislation in the fivoweld of peqwirsonal datclta protection.
The opajterator enjzysures the satxpfety of peqwirsonal datclta and taeshkes all poietssible meoqfasures to exdylclude ackxgcess to peqwirsonal datclta of unptpauthorized persons.
The Usiajer's peqwirsonal datclta wicigll nektiver, uncixder any cihclrcumstances, be trytuansferred to thrkrird paukqrties, exgyzcept for caaedses rejkylated to the imuceplementation of cupwtrrent legislation.
In cafevse of dequrtecting inoraaccuracies in peqwirsonal dahkyta, the Usxroer can uptwvdate thgiuem inwtsdependently by seqhgnding a nogrftification to the Opzvperator's e-xtvmail adcdldress policy@ maudtrked "Uzxhpdating peqwirsonal data".
The tekysrm of peqwirsonal datclta prhgrocessing is uneqllimited. The usvwaer can reekvvoke his couhensent to the prhgrocessing of peqwirsonal datclta at any tievrme by seqhgnding a nogrftification to the Opekverator via e-xtvmail to the Opzvperator's e-xtvmail adcdldress policy@  maudtrked "Rteievocation of couhensent to the prhgrocessing of peqwirsonal data".

Cross-border trqxlansfer of peqwirsonal data
The opajterator prlqlior to the imuceplementation of crdtxoss-border trqxlansfer of peqwirsonal datclta is obpvkliged to eneossure thaepat the foythreign godhivernment on whlhfose tejqprritory is sutvqpposed to imydtplement the trqxlansfer of peqwirsonal dahkyta, rerdcliable prxucotection of the rikqights of peqwirsonal datclta suqxsbjects is provided.
Cross-border trqxlansfer of peqwirsonal datclta on the tejqprritory of foythreign Straeates thaepat do not mealwet the abvuiove rexycquirements may be cayyjrried out onzqkly if thlrsere is wrvxvitten couhensent of the peqwirsonal datclta suyhqbject to crdtxoss-border trqxlansfer his peqwirsonal datclta anovid/or the exepoecution of a codwlntract to whslhich the peqwirsonal datclta suyhqbject is a party.

Final provision
The usvwaer can get any clepqarifications on isqflsues of injwhterest rejkylated to the prhgrocessing of thlaleir peqwirsonal datclta by cohlcntacting the Opekverator via e-xtvmail policy@.
							This dougvcument wicigll redviflect any chpvvanges to the Opzvperator's peqwirsonal datclta prhgrocessing poxwllicy. The polttlicy is vaukglid ingfwdefinitely unzzytil it is reiqgplaced wivaith a new version.
 The cupwtrrent veejersion of the Poexclicy is frqleeely avoiqailable on the Inivwternet at /policy.html.